Welcome to Mitchell Road Christian Academy!

Thank you for your interest in our school and for the opportunity to introduce you to what makes this such a special place.  We are truly big on learning and strong in spirit.

For 45 years, Mitchell Road Christian Academy has upheld a tradition of academic excellence, biblical worldview training, community service, artistic growth, and athletic achievement for students in K3 through 8th grade.  By the grace of God we have created a vibrant culture where students are nurtured to fulfill their highest potential in the love of Jesus Christ.

We feature outstanding, experienced teachers, great facilities, a loving community, active learning, technology integration, and an emphasis on project-based learning and critical thinking.

Our mission is to partner with Christian parents to equip children to become ambassadors for Christ through academic excellence and an integrated biblical worldview.  As a result, we share your values and provide a safe environment where God’s word is taught daily, providing a foundation for academic achievement and lifelong success.  Because Mitchell Road teachers and administrators genuinely care for our students, we provide the kind of individualized attention each student needs to grow in the Lord.  We also bathe this ministry in prayer, humbling ourselves before God so that He may be glorified in our midst.

Welcome again to Mitchell Road Christian Academy.  We look forward to partnering with and serving you in the joy of Christ.

Patrick J. Beaudine

Patrick J. Beaudine
Head of School