Education at MRCA

Since the beginning of mandatory public school education in the US in the early 1900’s, the purpose of education has been to fill students with information and then assess how well they remember the information. Students with a strong visual memory earned A's on factual tests and were happy and successful in school. But advances in technology over the last decade and the availability of information have changed the landscape of education. Information is no longer a scarce commodity. It is readily available 24/7 at the touch of a button via computers and hand-held internet devices such as cell phones, iPads, and other tablets. Education must adjust to these changes.  The mere distribution of information can no longer be the purpose.  Equipping students with the knowledge, tools, and processes to discriminate important information, critically analyze the information and data, utilize it to solve real-life problems, and then communicate effectively throughout the process is now the driving force of 21st Century Education.

At Mitchell Road Christian Academy, we are meeting the needs of 21st Century Learners.  We have shifted our instructional practices away from rote memorization and have implemented Inquiry Based Instructional strategies such as Problem Based Learning to equip our students to be creative, critical, collaborative problem solvers. These instructional strategies change the way learning happens at school and at home.  Instead of being passive receivers of information through lectures or reading about a topic, our students actively inquire about the world around them.  Looking through the lens of a Biblical Worldview, students and teachers identify problems and issues that affect us right here in Greenville and around the world.   They then set-out to design and deploy solutions to those problems by utilizing the on-going Inquiry Processes:

  • Formulate Questions
  • Gather and Organize Information and Data
  • Interpret and Analyze
  • Evaluate and Draw Conclusions
  • Communicate
  • Design and Deploy Solutions

As our students solve problems and innovatively create solutions they are not only developing the skills needed to be successful in the business world as adults, but more importantly, they are actively expanding the Gospel in their communities and the world as Christ's Ambassadors of Redemption.