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Discovering and Developing Musical Talent

MRCA's Middle School students have the opportunity to participate in Band, a year-long elective that meets during the school day. No previous experience with instruments is required, but it is helpful. Band members perform at least four times a year at various programs and chapel services at MRCA. Band is a great way to incorporate spiritual worship, music appreciation, and collaboration into the lives of our middle school students.

3rd-8th grade strings and Band utilizes Essential Elements for its curriculum. Students learn how to understand, assemble, and properly care for their instruments throughout the year while also learning performance music. They participate in sight-reading, independent and ensemble practice, scales, and music for several performances throughout the year. Developing their God-given talents teaches students how to enjoy and use their gifts to glorify the Lord.

“With trumpets and the sound of the horn shout joyfully before the King, the Lord.”  Psalm 98:6