Campus Culture


There are a rich variety of activities happening at MRCA on a daily basis.  We strive to provide leadership opportunities and different avenues for students to explore their interests and develop their God-given potential.  We believe there are teaching opportunities every day from the lockers to the lunchroom.  Students build lasting relationships not only with students but also with teachers and staff.  Truly MRCA is "Big on Learning.  Strong in Spirit." 


Love and Logic Core Values

As a school we have adopted a form of interaction with the students that we believe is Biblical and views each child as an individual image bearer of God.  This approach handles discipline differently than a completely behavioristic program.  Relationships with students and getting to the heart are ultimately more valuable than simply changing a students behavior temporarily.  Our rules and values have not changed, just our approach to how we address choices that are made about those rules.  We believe we should lovingly allow children to grow through their mistakes by emphasizing a logical connection between choices and the consequences. 

Here are the Core Beliefs about Love and Logic that MRCA has adopted:

1. I believe every attempt should be made to maintain the dignity and mutual respect between adults and students.

2. I believe students should be given the opportunity to make choices and live with the results.

3. I believe students should be guided and expected to solve problems they create without making a problem for anyone else.

4. I believe inappropriate behavior should be viewed as an opportunity for individual problem solving and personal growth.

5. I believe it is best if the student does most of the thinking when it comes to their behavior and actions.

6. I believe there should be a logical connection between behavior and consequences.

7. I believe redeemed relationships are strengthened when students are given the opportunity to tell their side of the story in the appropriate manner and time.

8. I believe that school problems should be handled by school personnel and that criminal activity should be referred to the proper authorities.