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MRCA Faculty and Staff

  Name Title
Lauree Arms Arms, Lauree 5th/6th Language Arts Teacher
Susan Babb Babb, Susan 3rd Grade Teacher
Sarah Barron Barron, Sarah Early Education Music Teacher
Lynn Bateman Bateman, Lynn STEM Teacher
Betsy Bell Bell, Betsy K3 Teacher
Windy Boyd Boyd, Windy 2nd Grade Teacher
Marjorie Brandon Brandon, Marjorie Extended Day and Afterschool Employee
Margaret Burdette Burdette, Margaret Lunchroom Assistant/Academy Receptionist
Kathryn Cloy Cloy, Kathryn K5 Assistant Teacher
Jamie Cramer Cramer, Jamie Finance Assistant
Kaye Creasman Creasman, Kaye Academy Receptionist
Jeanie Diemer Diemer, Jeanie ASC Tutor
Lanie Dixon Dixon, Lanie Middle School Science Teacher
Melissa Dodder Dodder, Melissa Assistant Principal
Sloan Dozier Dozier, Sloan K5 Assistant Teacher
Chesa Driggers Driggers, Chesa 3rd Grade Teacher
Sarah Ellis Ellis, Sarah 5th/6th Bible Teacher
Lauren Ellzey Ellzey, Lauren 1st Grade Teacher
Jennifer Foster Foster, Jennifer Next Generation Curriculum and Instruction Director
Susan Fry Fry, Susan K5 Teacher
Cynthia Fuller Fuller, Cynthia K3 Assistant Teacher
Maria Garrett Garrett, Maria Instructional Facilitator
Randi Gay Gay, Randi Middle School Math Teacher
Heather Gore Gore, Heather Admissions Coordinator
Erin Graham Graham, Erin Academy Receptionist
Katherine Grove Grove, Katherine Nurse
Steve Harper Harper, Steve Finance Director
Courtney Hathaway Hathaway, Courtney Extended Day Program and DSS Coordinator
Lincoln Hathaway Hathaway, Lincoln After School Employee
Tonya Heaton Heaton, Tonya K4 Assistant Teacher
Paula Hermann Hermann, Paula Music/ Band Teacher
John Hodorek Hodorek, John 5th/6th Math Teacher
Barbara Horne Horne, Barbara ASC Tutor
Andrea Hueble Hueble, Andrea Lunchroom Coordinator
Ashley Hughey Hughey, Ashley 5th/6th Grade Bible Teacher
Emma Hull Hull, Emma Middle School Social Studies Teacher
Corey Hunt Hunt, Corey Athletics Assistant
Elizabeth Johnson Johnson, Elizabeth 2nd Grade Teacher
Colette Kittel Kittel, Colette Executive Assistant
Lauren Lee Lee, Lauren Nurse
Emily Lewis Lewis, Emily Middle School Receptionist
Bryce Martin Martin, Bryce Communication and Enrollment Director
Emily McCoun McCoun, Emily Lunchroom Assistant
Kellie McMullin McMullin, Kellie Spanish Teacher
Crystal Nihart Nihart, Crystal Elementary Bible Teacher and Curriculum Assistant
Michael O'Leath O'Leath, Michael Athletic Director and PE Teacher
Angi Palmer Palmer, Angi K4 Assistant Teacher/ Academy Receptionist
Caroline Pennell Pennell, Caroline 7th/8th Language Arts Teacher
Sarah Pennell Pennell, Sarah Art Teacher/After School Care Coordinator/ Yearbook Coordinator
Elizabeth Plumb Plumb, Elizabeth 4th Grade Teacher
Stephen Reel Reel, Stephen Head of School
Susan Rundle Rundle, Susan Assistant to the Principal
Ashley Sarratt Sarratt, Ashley K4 Teacher
Clare Sifford Sifford, Clare Communication Coordinator
Gail Simmons Simmons, Gail Principal
Corey Sinclair Sinclair, Corey PE Teacher
Nilska Stanley Stanley, Nilska T1 Assistant Teacher
Emilee Stuart Stuart, Emilee Community Relations Director
Aaron Thomas Thomas, Aaron Spiritual Formation Director/ 7th/8th Bible Teacher
Laurie Thomas Thomas, Laurie 5th/6th Social Studies Teacher
Patty Wallwork Wallwork, Patty ASC Tutor
Alex Wampole Wampole, Alex 1st Grade Teacher
Erin Warren Warren, Erin Learning Commons Assistant
Suzanne Washick Washick, Suzanne Media Center Specialist
Sandy Waugh Waugh, Sandy Academic Success Center Director
Jennifer Weinkle Weinkle, Jennifer Speech and Language Pathologist
Amber Wickers Wickers, Amber 4th Grade Teacher
Kitty Williams Williams, Kitty T1 Teacher
Kelli Williamson Williamson, Kelli K4 Teacher
Justin Withers Withers, Justin 5th/6th Science Teacher
Vanessa Zadel Zadel, Vanessa K5 Teacher