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Project-Based Learning Activates Curiosity


STEM Learning at MRCAThese third graders have been studying a physical science unit on forces and motion. To deepen their understanding, STEM Teacher Mrs. Bateman challenged them to use dominoes to build a chain reaction machine. Through teamwork, they found a creative solution to this problem.

STEM learning is an important part of our academic approach because it encompasses a range of experiences and skills to give students a well-rounded education.


STEM stands for:

  • Science - to give students an in-depth understanding of the world around them
  • Technology - to prepare students to work in an environment of high-tech innovations
  • Engineering - to enhance problem-solving skills and apply knowledge in new projects
  • Math - to teach students to analyze information, eliminate errors, and make conscious decisions when designing solutions

Project-based learning and problem-solving help learners to form a special mindset. Its core is in flexibility and curiosity, which equips learners to respond to real-world challenges.

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    Lynn Bateman

    STEM Teacher